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Definition spéculation

comment faire un gratin de pâtes. Speculation can help control price volatility in the commodity markets. la spéculation des astres. operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.

citations henri bergson ( paris 1859- paris 1941) la spéculation est un luxe, tandis que l' action est une nécessité. the reason for that is because commodities are much less widely traded compared to stocks and foreign currencies. toute recherche, étude qui n' a d' autre objet que de connaître. speculation, conjecture noun a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing ( usually with little hard evidence) " speculations about the outcome of the election" ; " he dismissed it as mere conjecture" speculation, venture noun an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits. spiculation synonyms, spiculation pronunciation, spiculation translation, english dictionary definition of spiculation. speculation noun [ c or u ] uk / ˌspekjəˈleɪʃ ə n / us the act of guessing possible answers to a question without having enough information to be certain: rumours that the ceo is retiring have been dismissed as pure speculation. definition schizophrène. définition spéculation théorie, par opposition à pratique.

investment in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with definition spéculation the risk of loss: " the company' s move into property speculation". more example sentences. the act or an instance of speculating 2. definition spéculation like other investors, speculators invest with the hopes that they’ ll be able to sell an asset for more than they bought it. the futures and options markets are particularly popular among speculators because those markets are predominantly speculative.

intense speculation definition: intense is used to describe something that is very great or extreme in strength or. venture capitalists, private equity firms, and hedge. speculation, in this area, is a commercial or financial operation that is carried out with merchandise or securities with the aim of obtaining profit from the variations of the prices or changes in other variables. il nous a communiqué ses spéculations sur cette matière. there was widespread speculation that she was going to resign. the hope or desire of making a profit by the purchase and resale of a thing. she dismissed the newspaper reports as pure speculation.

résultat de la spéculation. as speculative investors take on more risk, there' s an expectation to achieve extraordinary. ( it can also refer to short sales in which the speculator hopes for a decline in value. recherche abstraite. com, the world' s most trusted free thesaurus. speculation ( also known as speculative loading ), is a process implemented in explicitly parallel instruction computing ( epic ) processors and their compiler s to reduce processor- memory exchanging bottlenecks or latency by putting all the data into memory in advance of an actual load instruction. in principle, speculation can in. in the world of finance, speculation, or speculative trading, refers to the act of conducting a financial transaction that has substantial risk of losing value but also holds the expectation of a. want to thank tfd for its existence?

definition of with speculation in the definitions. speculators are also people who create fortunes and start, fund, or help to grow businesses. information and translations of with speculation in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 11 june by tejvan pettinger. speculation ( ˌspɛkjʊˈleɪʃən) n 1. ‘ the company' s move into property speculation’.

gamble, venture, risk. synonyme : affaire, transaction. speculation, contracts. ( stock exchange) investment involving high risk but also the possibility of high profits. in such cases, the investor is known as a speculator. moretalk, theory, hypothesis, thesis, postulation, guess, surmise, opinion, notion, prediction, forecast, informal: guesstimate, gamble, venture, risk, gambling, investment, informal: spec, flutter, archaic: adventure2.

definition of with speculation in the definitions. a speculator is an individual or firm that, as the name suggests, speculates – or guesses – that the price of securities will go up or down and trades the securities based on their speculation. meaning of with speculation. for example, if prices are rising speculators may take this as a sign that prices will continue to rise, and therefore, they buy more. legal definition of peculation : misappropriation especially of public funds history and etymology for peculation late latin peculation- peculatio, from latin peculari to embezzle, from peculium private property, from pecu cattle learn more about peculation dictionary entries near peculation peace officer peculation peculiar risk doctrine. speculation: [ noun] an act or instance of speculating: such as. read more what is ' speculation' definition: speculation involves trading a financial instrument involving high risk, in expectation of significant returns. powered by oxford dictionaries. c ' est le résultat de la spéculation immobilière. land speculation is a financial activity that involves the purchase of real estate with the hope that the price will increase.

a transaction involving such speculation. in finance, speculation is the purchase of an asset ( a commodity, goods, or real estate) with the hope that it will become more valuable in the near future. speculation about something definition spéculation today' s announcement ends months of speculation about the company' s future. speculating on land typically involves the purchase of real. this type of investment generally has a significant risk of loss.

speculation as a noun means ( business, finance) an investment involving higher- than- normal risk in order to obtain a higher- than- norma. formation into a spicule or spicules. the book is just a lot of idle speculation about the future. speculation over something the president’ s absence led to speculation over his health. une spéculation lucrative. investors try to generate a satisfactory return on their capital by taking definition spéculation on an average or. speculation or a speculative investment is one that carries a high degree of risk wherein the buyer focuses on the price fluctuations. calculs, projets, entreprises de finances, de banque, de commerce, d' industrie, etc. speculation in the commodity market. speculation is the act of investing in opportunities with a high risk of loss, but also with the potential for significant financial gain.

bancroute. define speculation. in their 1934 classic text, security analysis, benjamin graham and david dodd provided a general definition of speculation: “ an investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. the main difference between speculating and investing is the amount of risk involved. the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence: " there has been widespread speculation that he plans to quit" similar conjecture, theorizing, hypothesizing, supposition, guesswork,.

spiculation: ( spĭk′ yə- lā′ shən) n. find 65 ways to say speculation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at thesaurus. theoretical speculation definition: if you speculate about something, you make guesses about its nature or identity, or. a law dictionary, adapted to the constitution and laws of the united states. exemple : dans ce quartier, les prix des maisons flambent. speculation is an investment approach in which the investor aims to buy or sell stocks, currencies or other assets solely to make a quick profit. in a given process of speculation, the investor purchases a. business portal v t e in finance, speculation is the purchase of an asset ( a commodity, goods, or real estate) with the hope that it will become more valuable in the near future. by this definition, most people who.

next definition speculative motive it is a tactic used by investors/ traders to hold cash so as to make the best use of any investment opportunity that arises later on. speculation – stabilising and destabilising. speculation that. but while many investors intentionally put their money into low- risk investments. conjecture, theorizing, hypothesizing, supposition, guesswork. assumption of unusual business risk in hopes of obtaining commensurate gain. speculation: 1 n continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature synonyms: meditation type of: contemplation, musing, reflection, reflexion, rumination, thoughtfulness a calm, lengthy, intent consideration n a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing. the profit so made; as, be made a good speculation. speculation / ˌspɛkjə ˈ leɪʃən/ noun plural speculations britannica dictionary definition of speculation 1 : ideas or guesses about something that is not known [ noncount] he dismissed their theories as mere speculation. define spiculation. most land purchases can be better referred to as real estate investment, since land tends to appreciate in value over time due to factors such as scarcity.

speculation definition, the contemplation or consideration of some subject: to engage in speculation on humanity' s ultimate destiny. peculate definition, to steal or take dishonestly ( money, especially public funds, or property entrusted to one' s care) ; embezzle. scrabble points: 15. speculation about sth the news led to speculation about possible further departures among the senior executive team. spéculation, nom féminin. speculation occurs when individuals make decisions about buying or selling depending on expectations of future price changes. ‘ he was a millionaire from speculations on the stock market’. spéculation illicite expressions spéculation illicite, délit consistant à provoquer la modification artificielle d' un prix par des moyens frauduleux. action d' observer attentivement. | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

definition and meaning. a supposition, theory, or opinion arrived at through speculating 3. 2 investment in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. ) many speculators pay little attention to the fundamental value of a security and instead focus purely on price movements. speculation is the act of buying or selling assets that have an increased chance of significant losses. opération financière ou commerciale qui a pour objectif de réaliser un gain d ' argent en pariant sur la fluctuation des cours du marché. it is an investment attitude that many people despise.

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