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Contexts adjective improper on indecent by normal social standards verb present participle for to decrease the value, character, or quality of, especially morally adjective improper on indecent by normal social standards unwholesome dishonorable us dishonourable uk disreputable vile immoral despicable dishonest. [ middle english depraven, to corrupt, from old french depraver, from latin dēprāvāre : dē-, de- + prāvus, crooked. depraving as a verb means present participle of deprave. what is another word for depraving? define depraving. powered by oxford depraving dictionaries. the warning signs and the many faces of it. synonyms & antonyms of depraving to lower in character, dignity, or quality the belief that pornography depraves society as a whole synonyms for depraving abasing, bastardizing, cankering, cheapening, corrupting, debasing, debauching, degrading, demeaning, demoralizing, deteriorating, lessening, perverting, poisoning, profaning, prostituting,. somebody traduction. depravation \ ˌde- prə- ˈvā- shən, ˌdē- ˌprā- \ noun depravement \ di- ˈprāv- mənt \ noun depraver \ di- ˈprā- vər \ noun synonyms & antonyms for deprave synonyms abase, bastardize, canker, cheapen, corrupt, debase, debauch, degrade, demean, demoralize, deteriorate, lessen, pervert, poison, profane, prostitute, subvert, vitiate, warp antonyms.

more definitions, origin and scrabble points. american heritage® dictionary of the english language, fifth edition. see synonyms at corrupt. scrabble points: 15. de· praved, de· prav· ing, de· praves to debase, especially morally; corrupt.

de· prav′ er n. deprave verb [ t ] formal uk / dɪˈpreɪv / us / dɪˈpreɪv / to make someone depraved synonyms corrupt debase debauch pervert disapproving smart vocabulary: related words and phrases humiliating and degrading abase abasement be under a cloud idiom bring/ take sb down a peg ( or two) idiom bruise sb' s ego idiom disgraced dishonour dishonourable doghouse. ] dep′ ra· va′ tion ( dĕp′ rə- vā′ shən) n. morally corrupt; wicked: " a depraved indifference to human life".

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