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Go on in, the water' s nice and warm. what does elle est chaude mean in french? aujourd’ hui, il fait chaud – today, it’ s warm ( out). il fait chaud it' s warm au soleil, il fait chaud. chaud, e adj ( chaleur confortable) warm emportez des vêtements chauds. it keeps me warm. what does c' est chaud mean in french? if a situation is difficult, you could say " c' est chaud. ) use the impersonal construction “ il fait” + “ chaud” or “ froid” that never changes. for a more detailed explanation, see johan tekfak from français authentique' s explanation.

eat it while it' s warm. petit, mange pendant que c' est chaud. ( chaleur forte ou susceptible de brûler) hot. what does c' est chaud mean? c' est chaud" can be used in a couple similar ways in slang. j' arrive pas y croire.

be very careful, “ elle est chaude” in french is still quite vulgar, it’ s not yet a good translation of “ she is hot”. c' est chaud see c est chaud also in french chaud adjective hot, warm, cozy, sultry, cosy c' est phrase it is, this is est noun east see also in english it' s ses hot adjective english translation it' s hot more meanings for c' est chaud. have a drink while it' s warm. prends en pendant que c' est chaud. elle est chaude: she is horny. what does il fait chaud mean in french? context: a team of murder investigators are talking about bob, his fellow investigator who was recently charged with drug manufacturing and was arrested.

what does j' arrive pas y croire c' est chaud mean? take some warm clothes. it' s nice and warm in the sun. 4 – il fait chaud, il fait froid = hot / cold weather wise when talking about the temperature around you ( outside: the weather, or inside, the temperature of a room. tenir chaud, ça me tient chaud. " describing a tense, dangerous or chaotic situation. tu peux y aller, l' eau est chaude. it’ s changing meaning, and i think in a few years may mean “ she’ s hot”, but in, as i write these words, it’ s still a bit more “ horny” than “ hot”. phrase il fait chaud. translation of " c' est chaud" in english it' s warm it' s hot that' s hot it is hot this is hot is it hot they' re hot that is hot it' s still warm they are warm there' s heat that' s warm buvez pendant que c' est chaud. " chaud" doesn' t make any sense as " hot" in this context, so i assume it is slang.

" example: " y' a tellement de gens dans ce bus, c' est chaud pour trouver une place.

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